Hello! Thanks for visiting!

Hello! Thanks for visiting!
Image From: Mr. Bean Takes a Holiday

Here it is coming up on March 2013.  This blog is now a year old and I’m slowly figuring how all of these WordPress buttons work and exactly what I want out of my blog.  I floundered a bit, but I still made it and I appreciate all of my wonderful followers, commenters, and likers (yes, that is so totally a word)!

The original purpose of my blog was to figure out who I am as a historian and have a slice of life and humor on the web about being a crazy history grad student who also works full time with too many friends.  I am graduating with my Masters of Arts in Teaching in American History in May so the premise of this blog has to shift.  Now, I am searching for teaching positions (anywhere, everywhere, do you know someone? lol) and putting together lesson plans regardless of being hired or not so I will always have something to offer.

Teaching is really where it’s at for me and I don’t think there could be a better job than that of a history teacher.  I mean, come on, if you’re looking for a reality show, what better place to find it in the drama of a history book?  How many times did Alsace and Lorraine go back and forth between France and Germany?  What’s that about Jefferson’s slaves?  There were lovers, fighters, thinkers, and people who really should have thought more…

So I guess the moral of this “About Me” page is to check out my blog and all of the random information I will be putting here that will from now on mostly revolve around teaching, specifically teaching history and writing.  I’ve also added a few pages that will see some fairly frequent updates hopefully.  Feel free to drop me a note, comment, tweet or anything else!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/livelovehistory

Email: aprilgibbs1776 (at) gmail.com (to avoid the evil email bot monsters so just replace the at with an @)



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