Never Forget

Never Forget

I have no motivational words to go here. I wish I could write something eloquent and thought provoking about the tragedies 12 years ago in New York, DC, and Pennsylvania. The images in my mind are still far too vivid. The emotions are still too raw. In a time of horror, every state banded together and we learned what it truly means to be an American and inspired help our fellow Americans no matter what.

On September 11, 2001, I had just entered my senior year English class when someone in the hallway told me a plane had crashed into the first tower. Mrs. Roby turned on the tv and all of us sat in a horrified silence as we watched the second plane fly in. To say life hasn’t been the same since would be an understatement.

Thoughts and prayers to all those who lost their lives because of the tragedies of that day and their families struggling on since then.


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