Happy New Year… I guess…

Isn’t it bad luck to wake up sick on New Year’s Day?  I don’t mean like hangover sick, I mean like sore throat, feeling achey and like I want to commit violent acts of aggression on the next person who wishes me a Happy New Year.  Then, I did the next best thing to waking up on New Year’s Day sick- I paid my bills.  Yay first of the month!

But the good news is that super early on January 3rd I will be getting in the car and driving to New Orleans for the American Historical Association conference.  I’ve never been to NOLA even though I only live about 5 hours away so I’m fairly excited.  I’m just hoping this cold goes away in oh, 24 hours.  I’m throwing everything I’ve got at it.  So much for yoga or the gym today.  You shall not win this germs!  I will beat you!

Hope your New Year’s is everything you hoped it would be and that much more!  Do you have anything excited planned to kick off your new year right?



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