New Years Resolution- Early!

Taken from:,r:1,s:100,i:7I’ve been thinking about my New Years resolution (NYR).  Every year I vow to learn some new skill that will ultimately push me farther and make me a better person.  Last year my NYR was to finish grad school.  I’m almost there!  Now I feel like I want to change it up a little bit and learn more about myself and expand my skills through what I can do for others.  There are lots of countdowns to Christmas or New Years going on out there so I’m going to throw this blog into the countdown ring and starting on December 15th, I’ll have my 15 top “charities” or places that do good in the community that accept donations.  Then, be thinking because on December 31st I will be asking you what your NYR are!  So check back later this month and pick one or more charities to donate to, do something good with, or tell me about one that is special to you! 


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