What are you doing for the humanities?

So its now 2012.  Ok, its been 2012, I’m just a little late on the bandwagon.  Welcome to my slice of internet to keep me on track and hopefully inspire you, make you laugh a little (or maybe a lot), and expand your mind a slight bit.  I am currently one year out from graduation with a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree in American History from Florida State University.  I work full time at another department utilizing my undergraduate degrees in Child Development and Psychology- and I discovered that this is so not what I want to do with the rest of my life.  However, now I am stuck between two worlds- one that I came from and one that I’m attempting to transition into.  There is no happy medium.  They both want you full time and there’s only so much of yourself that you can give.

Thus, this year I asked myself, what can I do better to be a better graduate student and historian?  I’m going to be released into this world soon to find a job in a market that does not look favorable and I need the knowledge to show for it.  I had no answer for this.  Thus, it took me nearly two months to figure out something to do that could keep me on track in my head and help me do something that I love to do – help and teach others.  The plans that I have for this space include updates in the field that I’m made aware of through the University and other memberships, nerdy history facts that I get excited over, fun classroom ideas & activities, random bits of information and updates from the field, updates from the conferences that I attend, and photos and information from my travels that I do constantly to awesome places because “history is made everyday” (thanks History Channel lol).

Comment at will – positively, negatively, or randomly.  On the side I have the blogs and websites I follow as well as other little fun tidbits about me.  Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter as well!


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